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Pitra Dosh, Kundli Remedies and Curses

  • 27/09/2021
  • By: Rubina Tully
  • Topic: Pitra Dosh, Kundli Remedies and Curses

Pitru dosha is the dosha, or curses, that results from our forefathers' wrongdoings. Our descendants must bear the consequences of our grandfathers and ancestors' actions. When the Sun, Moon, or Rahu are in the ninth house of a birth chart, the Pitra Dosha emerges. The father, forebears, and ancestors are all represented in the ninth house. So, if the malefic planet is in the ninth house, it indicates that our forefathers took on a financial obligation that they did not repay. It is now the generation's responsibility to either finish it or bear the consequences. Pitra Dosh refers to the ancestors' pain inflicted on their descendants, if the ancestor’s shradh was not conducted according to the prescribed rites. Then our forefathers' souls will not be at rest. Alternatively, the family may have been cursed as a result of the terrible actions of one or more ancestors, and the following generation will be affected. Your natal horoscope can tell you about Pitra Dosh. It is known as Pitra Dosh when one of the two planets Rahu-Ketu, as well as the Sun or Moon, appear in your horoscope. This dosh can be passed down through the generations up to the seventh.

Curses of Pitra Dosh

A person with Pitra Dosh in his horoscope will confront a slew of issues, like :

  • You may have to deal with a variety of illnesses. Almost everyone in the home is sick at some point.

  • There may be a lot of arguements among the kids in the family.

  • Children's births are delayed.

  • There is no profit in company, and borrowings are quite high.

  • Money is either squandered or drowning in debt.

  • There is a family feud, alienation, and mental illness.

  • There are issues with both getting married and staying married. 

Kundli Remedies for Pitra Dosh

If a person's horoscope contains Pitra Dosh, following the procedures outlined below will help him conquer the dosh.


  • The most effective treatment for this Dosh is Shraddha and Tarpan.

  • Hang a photo of his late ancestors on the house's south wall with a necklace on it and laud him every day. One might be rid of this Dosh by receiving blessings from them.

  • In your home, read Srimad Bhagwat's Gajendra Moksha chapter.

  • Pour milk over a peepal on Chaturdashi (one day before Amavasya and Poornima).

  • Bring one and a quarter kilogrammes of rice, and place a handful of rice in the peepal's root seven times a day.

  • Donate to the temple or to Brahmins in memory of their ancestors.

  • Every Saturday, feed Urad flour to large black dogs.

  • Worshiping the ruling god as well as the deity on a regular basis helps to minimise dosh.

  • It is also extremely good to help underprivileged students in the name of dads and to build hospitals, temples, schools, and Dharamshala in the name of departed family members.


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