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Women's Day Celebration at Ministry Of Finance(March 2020)


Being a daughter of an industrialist ,this divine journey to transcend to the various astral planes & identifying the cause of my existence truly motivated me to get going with journey. I thank my influencers my younger brother & my love who motivated me to enhance my passion for angelic subject rather the mystic science of planetary combinations , power of reiki, Vaastu management ,role of numbers in your life govern the strength & missing element in your life & role of subconscious has completely metamorphosed my life. Yes I agree it’s your past karmas which germinates this divine seed in your current life. Hence ,the study of any occult is not a magic wand that guarantee you would get rid of your past karmic debts rather it is designed in a manner to help mankind to deal with patience & will only reduce the magnanimity of a particular curse or maleficence of a planet by certain jaapas ,donations & temple visits. The misbalancing of chakras in your body is the cause of stress in natives body which gave shape to a disease by making your sixth, eight & twelfth lord weak in your natal chart & many more combinations thereby affecting the native. My sole purpose of this medium is to help one & all to overcome the hurdles in their life through the Vedic remedies, chakra alignment, Vaastu corrections, training your subconscious to attract wealth, desired relations etc……………..This gave birth to joy -astro ,I feel you justify your work with title or the way you brand it ,that is why it was named joy -astro, as my only aim to raise your vibration to unite with divinty which needs expertise in mapping out the rightful trends in your chart else through alternative healing therapies & leading to a beatiful holistic journey.

Why should you come to us?

  • 1.The sweet & sour experiences of life helped me tap the energy genesis simply by consuming the divine tonic.
  • 2.Every challenge enriched my life & helped me tap the treasure house was with in ………”Create the radiant life by tapping that cosmic potential in u”
  • 3. I dived without fear in the cosmic alchemy of being aware to being attentive by knowing my soul demands.
  • 4.My take away from life was “Explore the journey of reason to existence.
  • 5.The moment my soul awakenend me that time is horizontal & god is vertical i took action.
  • 6.Fusion of breath or should i call it dawn of breath,contributed in a grand way to give a bird’s eye view of life……Here is where i realised the thin line between periphery & circumfrence.
  • 7.Acquring name & fame is not what i aim but cosmic vitality & concious beneficence will brighten up future astral journey which we all have to go through.

Love & Light………………………..


Rubina Tully