Narakasund's death is celebrated as Diwali

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Narakasund's death is celebrated as Diwali

  • 26/10/2021
  • By: Rubina Tully
  • Topic: Narakasund's death is celebrated as Diwali

The day before that celebration, called Diwali, can be described as Narak Chaturdashi. On this day, women create rangolis with vibrant colors on the courtyard and doorway with rice paste, and with footsteps of Lakshmi and lamps that light up to greet her.

Narak Chaturdashi is the day that Narakasura dies and a day of celebration for everyone. After the burning of the effigies of the demon Narakasura the people bathe and offer prayers to the Lord Yama. People pray using lamps that have four wicks in various locations. The Lord Yama is invoked in prayers to overcome the threats of death and to ensure an extended life.

Birth of Narakasura

Lord Vishnu in his present form as Varaha Boar, saved Mother Earth, Bhoomidevi from the demon Hiranyaksha and then killed Bhoomidevi. The one born from Varaha along with Bhoomidevi was Narakasura, who was the power of invincibility at his command.

Lord Indra seeks refuge with Krishna.

Narakasura cruelly killed the devas, and in a state of denial of the shame and suffering inflicted on the devas by Narakasura, Indra sought the assistance of Krishna to get revenge for his loss.

Krishna and Sathyabama

Krishna along with his spouse Sathyabama (Bhoomidevi Reborn) was furious when he heard the atrocities perpetrated by Narakasura. Mother Earth, also called Bhoomidevi, was born in the form of Sathyabama within Dwapara Yuga. She promised to fight against him in order to save captive women and to regain the stolen earrings belonging to Mother Aditi and relieve the Gods and sages who were held by the brutal asura.

Killing of Narakasura

In the following war, Sathyabama killed Narakasura as decreed by God's will. Her mother was Narakasura in his previous life and was to be the one who put an end to his suffering. However, some scriptures say that Krishna used his discus to kill Narakasura. In the morning of Narak Chaturdashi, Krishna returned to his palace and took a bath to rid his body of bloodstains as well as the guilt of killing the demon. Since then, it has been the custom to bathe with oil scented prior to dawn.

Mother Earth's Oath

Mother Earth, also known as Bhoomidevi, said that the passing of her son ought to have been celebrated because it represents triumph over evil. Narakasura, before his death, asked his mother to pray that the people should rejoice at his passing by lighting candles throughout the world and blasting firecrackers to celebrate the event. He rebuked his numerous wrongs committed against innocent people due to his lack of knowledge.

Celebration of the demise of the demon


Mother Bhoomidevi sang praises to Krishna. Gods from heaven poured out flowers and sang praises to the glory of the Lord. Sages and devas held in captivity were freed. The kingdom came under the control and control of Narakasura's nephew, Bhagdatta, who pleaded for Krishna's protection. It was the 16000 damsels who were freed. Everyone was happy about the death of Narakasura. Everyone was euphoric across the nation. The result was the Diwali festival, the triumph in Good against Evil.


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