·         At the beginning of the year, your mind will be pleased with the transit of Jupiter.

·         By meditating and doing yoga, your health will be good.

·         Take caution as liver diseases can cause problems for you.

·         You may have problems in the lower abdomen in the middle of the year.

·         You will have to take care of your health as Jupiter will transit sixth house in April and November.


Financial Condition:

·         People associated with stock market etc. will get great benefits.

·         It would be auspicious to invest in gold and silver.

·         The first half of the year is going to be fantastic for economic activities.

·         Money can be spent in the court.

·         There will be trouble regarding land and property &loss in business.

·         May have to take a loan. There will be a possibility of vehicle theft in the latter part of the year.

Family and Social Life:

·         Family opposition may be encountered around April.

·         People can conspire against you. Your reputation in the society will increase.

·         Keep good relations with your father due to Rahu’s transit.

·         There may be some differences with the brothers at the beginning of the year.

·         Travel to pilgrimage is on the cards.

Love Life:

·         Try to increase rapport in love relationships.

·         Unmarried people are expected to expected to tie the knot.

·         Due to transit in Jupiter's sixth and fifth house, there will be ups and downs in your married life.

·         Love and mutual support will increase between couples living in live relationships. At the end of this year, the mind may get upset due to some change in the behavior of the spouse.

Student Life:

·         In the year 2021 you can make big changes in career.

·         Jobless people may get involved in business.

·         The IT and software sector can get career advancement.

·         Trade-like imports and exports are expected to intensify.

·         Your expenses may suddenly increase in the middle of the year.

·         The chances of getting higher opportunities for higher education are becoming possible.

·         Take charge of your brhaviour as it may lead to losses in business.

·         Good results can be obtained in examinations related to administration.


REMEDY: Recite Vishnu SahastranamStotra and feed pulses mixed bread to the cow on Thursday.