· Women may have genital problems.

· Natives suffering from diseases like diabetes will have to maintain their daily routine. If the senior is fond of food, then control your tongue.

· There will also be occasional seasonal fever and cold-hot related problems.

· Give sufficient amount of rest to the body.

· The first half of the year is not good for health but the middle of the year will be good.

Financial Condition:

·         The year 2021 will prove to be economically profitable.

·         Income of employed people may increase.

·         You need to be very cautious while making business contracts.

·         There may be some malfunction in the machines.

·         You should avoid lending this year.

·         Some people may make intent to misuse your money.

·         Being a teacher can put partial resistance on your income.

·         You can buy some expensive items in April.

·         Expenditure will be high.

Family and Social Life:

·         This year you will get a lot of support from family members.

·         Married natives will benefit from their in-laws accompanied with some roughness in your behavior.

·         Will face family challenges well.

·         Your enemies can increase due to retrograde in Saturn's transit.

·         There is a need to take some care from May to September.

·         Do not keep any wrong feeling towards anyone in your mind.

·         Travels with family may occur between April and June.

·         Beware of enemies of interest.

Love Life:

·         May have to be victim of spouse's anger. 

·         Try to boost the morale of the spouse.

·         There may be some differences at the beginning of the year.

·         The young couple will make an idea to travel to a tourist place somewhere.

·         Mutual understanding and trust in love relationships will increase.

·         Spouses should spend more time together.

Student Life:

·         You can get a high position.

·         You will get a great chance to showcase your skills.

·         Be with teachers and mentor teachers.

·         Children will be very busy in their studies.

·         There may be some confusion regarding the career of the candidates preparing for competitive examination.

REMEDY: Serve black cow and light a lamp in front of Durgaji and recite 'Goddess Earth'