·         Those who are already struggling with many troubles will get plenty of rest this year.

·         New diseases may emerge.

·         There will be fear of disease in the mind.

·         Can come under the influence of infectious diseases.

·         Avoid going to crowded places.

·         Women may suffer from diseases such as thyroid.

·         Asthma patients need to take special care of themselves.

·         Special care must be taken in the months of February and July.

Financial Condition:

·         Your position will be normal this year.

·         There may be some decrease in deposit capital.

·         You should avoid lending money to someone unconditionally.

·         At the end of the year, you may suddenly have money.

·         Entertainment and enjoyment will cost a lot of money.

·         The idea of ??making risky investments will also be formed.

·         Profits are expected in new business due to transit of Rahu in seventh house.

·         Your financial condition will be good between July to September.

Family and Social Life:

·         You will be lucky this year from  family perspective.

·         Transition of Saturn & Jupiter in the third house will prove to increase your fame.

·         A child birth is expected at home.

·         You will be pleased with the behavior of your brothers and sisters.

·         Mother may have some concern in the middle of the year.

·         Hurdles in children education is expected.

Love Life:

·         There may be some problems in the marriage after April so resolve them with mutual understanding. Even from the perspective of love relations, the year is not auspicious.

·         Feelings of dissatisfaction may emerge in the mind around May & June

·         At the end of the year, the possibilities of marriage will prevail. There will be some tension in the middle of the year.

·         Respect your spouse's feelings.

Student Life:

·         The year 2021 is going to be very favorable in terms of career.

·         Those involved in technical subjects can get a good job.

·         There are chances of traveling for work-business.

·         There can be a lot of travel in March-April.

·         There will be less pressure on the students taking loan and taking higher education.

·         You are likely to get encouragement for new start-ups.

·         You will not be satisfied with your job.

·         You can get excellent employment opportunities between July and October.


·         It will be beneficial to recite the daily 'Devi Atharvashirsha'.

·         Add the flour and sugar to the ants on Wednesday.