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·         Sagittarius people will have to face eye disorders.

·         Saturn is also related to the air of the body, due to which there will be a possibility of increase in stomach diseases.

·         Occasional fear of suffering from fever and allergies due to retrograde Jupiter & Saturn between June and September

·         Try to increase immunity. However, at the beginning of the year you will be in good health.



Financial Condition:

·         Your financial situation may fluctuate a lot this year. The eclipse falling in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign can suddenly become a factor of money loss.

·         There will be fear of the business trip being unfruitful.

·         There will be considerable money gains in the middle of the year.

·         Take caution while purchasing  a new property.

Family and Social Life:

·         Your respect and domination in the family will increase.

·         Take care of the health of the elderly.

·         Love will increase among family members.

·         Avoid getting involved in meaningless disputes.

·         Your reputation will increase due to social relationships and activities.

·         You will get a lot of help from relatives.

·         Any negative information can be received in the month of March-April.

·         Secret enemies can conspire against you.

·         You may have to face opponents in the months of July and December.

Love Life:

·         There will be more romance in the married life &Life partner will get full support. Marital problems will be solved due to Jupiter transit in third house.

·         One should be cautious about love relations in the month of July.

·         Avoid using harsh speech.

Student Life:

·         Pharma& chemical sector will prosper.

·         Students pursuing software and foreign language education can get excellent job opportunities.

·         You may be assigned difficult tasks in the job.

·         Hard work will yield positive results & high officials can promote you.

·         Business related to agriculture will benefit.


REMEDY: Donate food equal to your weight twice a year. Take out the first meal of bread for the cow.