·         Good health is indicated due to  influence of Jupiter in the eleventh house.

·         To avoid diseases like corona, taking Ayurvedic decoction and Chyawanprash will prove beneficial.

·         Take care of health in March & August.




Financial Condition:

·         There are chances of getting money from new projects.

·         The financial decisions you take will prove to be true.

·         Do not think of making money through wrong routes or else you may get into trouble.

·         Easy building of land is on the cards.

·         Margins of profit will increase.

·         Property disputes can be settled.

·         The beginning of the year is going to be very good for you financially.

Family and Social Life:

·         Your popularity in the society will increase.

·         Harmonious relations between  brothers and sisters.

·         Suitable to work in accordance with parent consent.

·         Clouds of discord in the family due to Jupiter’s transit.

·         A situation of paternal behavior and change in the home may be created.

Love Life:

·         In married life, the feeling of love will continue to be strong.

·         Unmarried people will be likely to get marriage relations from highly reputed families.

·         You may get a little disappointed with your spouse's behavior in September.

·         You have to make many changes to make them happy.

·         Happy couples may get the good news.

Student Life:

·         The road to progress will be paved.

·         Will perform well in the field due to maintaining confidence.

·         There will be opportunities to change jobs.

·         High officials can be jealous of you.

·         Natives pursuing legal education will have to struggle.

·         Keep clarity in thoughts because you may lack seriousness.

·         People preparing for civil services can get success.

·         The year will be very auspicious for the people associated with the entertainment world and music sector.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Vishnu and banana tree on Thursday and light a lamp of ghee.