·         This year, you will be under the influence of Saturn&Rahu in the eigth house.

·         Rheumatic diseases may increase.

·         Diseases of bones can occur.

·         You need to pay special attention to health in the first month of the year.

·         Special care will be required while driving the vehicle.

·         Pay serious attention to your health in month of may& June.

·         Do a routine checkup every three months.

Financial Condition:

·         Your unnecessary expenses may increase.

·         You will have to face sudden money gain & loss due to transit of  Rahu in  eighth house.

·         You will get pleasure in house and a new vehicle is on the cards.

·         New sources of income will develop.

·         You will get the benefit of investments with jupiter’stransit  between March-June.

·         There will not be much profit from the sale and purchase of land.

Family and Social Life:

·         Due to transit of Ketu in 2nd house, people may be hurt by your speech.

·         Due to the combination of Saturn and Jupiter in the fourth house, there will be an atmosphere of peace in the house.

·         Your image in society will be presented as an intelligent person.

·         Try to stay away from legal disputes.

·         You will be satisfied with the education of children.

·         Between July and September, you can also get child happiness.

·         Take care of mother's health.

Love Life:

·         Harmony in married life. 

·         If there is conflict in married life, do not involve any third person as a mediator.

·         Love marriage may get family permission.

·         It will be beneficial for you to stay away from illicit relations.

·         In the latter part of the year, your marriage problems will be solved.

Student Life:

·         You should avoid partnership in business.

·         You have to be careful with unnecessary expenses.

·         The year is good for research related work. The first half of the year is not favorable for education.

·         You may also have to travel abroad.

·         There will be a lot of work pressure on government officials.

·         Your income can increase in private job.

·         You will get success in higher education after November.

·         Negligence in July-August can lead to arguments with high officials in jobs.


Always chant a garland of 'Mahamrityunjaya Mantra'.

Flow coconuts in running water on Saturday.