Family and Social Life:

·         There will be outbreak of minor diseases in the family.

·         In the society, you have to struggle to create dominance.

·         You will be very active about children's careers.

·         Ketu will transit your fourth place throughout the year which also generates some tension between parents.

·         Your relations with friends will be sweet. In the month of July-August, your enemies may increase.



Love Life:

·         Love will increase in married life. There may be some stress in the initial days.

·         New love affairs can develop.

·         Emotional attachment will increase.

·         In the month of March, there will be some concern for the life of the spouse.

·         Spouse will get great success in career.

·         Relationships between people who have bitterness in relationships can worsen.

·         Do not attempt to interrupt a third arbitrator.

Student Life:

·         The year is auspicious for the students associated with careers such as advocacy and chartered accountancy.

·         Business will fluctuate. Avoid being a victim of politics in office.

·         Kindly refrain from big investments.Projects related to iron and machinery will be extended.

·         Keep good relations with high officials and colleagues.

REMEDY: On Saturday, light a square lamp under the Peepal tree and put fishes, ants and grains.