·         You may have health problems in the month of June.

·         Possibility of suffering  from gout diseases.

·         Intestines and stomach patients will have trouble. That is why you should not be negligent at all this year.

·         In the months of April and September you can suddenly fall ill.

·         To avoid viral diseases, you must take Ayurvedic decoction.

·         Transit of Rahu and Ketu in Dwadash and Shashtam respectively can cause health problems.

Financial Condition:

·         You should avoid big capital investment this year.

·         You may have to lose business.

·         Ancestral property can be obtained.

·         You should avoid lending transactions of money.

·         You have to travel for business.

·         Businessmen doing business abroad will get expansion.

·         Be a little cautious about the shadow of Saturn.

·         Take decisions with patience and discretion.

·         You will get auspicious results in April and May.

Family and Social Life:

·         There may be some disputes in the month of February.

·         You will worry about your honor.

·         The health of any family member will be worried.

·         There will be some problems in the family in the month of July.

·         Parent's health will also be a matter of concern for you.

·         Will be optimistic about the career of the child.

Love Life:

·         The year is going to be very favorable for love relationships.

·         There may be sudden tension in June-July.

·         Spouse will be reliable towards you. Someone can accuse you.

·         The youth will have to control their emotions.

·         Stress can also sometimes arise due to wastage of money.

·         Love will increase in family life. There will be sweetness in married life.

·         You may fall in love with a colleague in the office.

Student Life:

·         You can get good results in the field of education.

·         Dental students can get great success in their careers.

·         You will get success in preparing for exam for government job.

·         Will be interested in teaching and learning.

·         Students may get campus placements in business education.

·         There will be ups and downs in career. You can get a promotion in April-May.

REMEDY: Recite DurgaSaptashati and wear SatmukhiRudraksha.