·         You have to take care of your health.

·         Excessive anger can affect your health.

·         Avoid stale and excessive oil-rich food & pay special attention to your lifestyle.

·         In the middle of the year, there will be problems with liver and kidney patients.

·         Fear of boils and pimples etc. in the body between june&july.

·         Abdominal disorders can be born due to aspect of Rahu.

·         Possibility of bile diseases.


Financial Condition:

·         It would be beneficial to invest in the stock market.

·         Economically, the year can be called auspicious.

·         After April, your expenses can suddenly increase a lot.

·         You will spend a lot of money in the decoration of the house.

·         Do not invest big in metals like gold and silver.

·         Your financial condition will be very good from April to June.

·         There may be some shortage of funds between June and September.

Family and Social Life:

·         Family will appreciate your feelings.

·         Auspicious ceremonies can be held at home between April and June.

·         Your loyalty and seriousness in society will be appreciated.

·         Relationship with siblings will be sweet.

·         There may be some estrangement with the father in January.

Love Life:

·         Differences can occur with a spouse, hence  need to take special care in the month of July.

·         With hurdles,prospects of single getting married are indicated.

·         Issues in love marriage will prop up.

·         In the month of May-June, any old relationship is feared to be broken.

Student Life:

·         This year is very good for education.

·         Some new strategies can be made in business.

·         Foreign trade will prove beneficial.

·         Early months of the year will be very good from a career perspective.

·         Obstacles in higher education will be over.

·         Period from October to December will be very good for those connected with the engineering sector.


REMEDY: Recite 'ShaniStotra' every Saturday and perform Hanuman ji'sAarti.