·         Have to be aware about health.

·         You may have to face health problems.

·         Catering and medicines should be given special attention to arthritis patients.

·         There will be more problems in digestion. Will be mentally strong.

·         It will be necessary to take care of the purity of food.

·         Chronic diseases can bother you.

·         A new disease may arise from May to September, you have to take special care of health.

·         Do take care of heart. Jupiter, the lord of the sixth house, will transit on both Capricorn and Aquarius signs this year.

Financial Condition:

·         Rahu transit in your income space will be a very auspicious result.

·         New sources of income will develop.

·         Good time for making big investments.

·         Stopped works will be completed this year.

·         There will be a profit on the sale and purchase of the house.

·         Immovable property will increase.

·         You can take a loan to start a new business.

·         In the month of August, care should be taken regarding economic matters.

Family and Social Life:

·         There will be a lot of support from friends.

·         Your relatives will encourage you.

·         There will be prosperity in the family.

·         There may be some Manglik programs in the family after the transiting of Jupiter in the month of April. Keep good relations with your brothers and sisters as there  can be estrangement over property.

·         The mind will be disturbed by the behavior of children.

·         Your image in the society will be good.

·         Stay away from unethical relationships.

·         You can get rid of any debt after November.

·         There may be some problem in your sleep.

Love Life:

·         There will be sweetness in married life.

·         Spouse will have a profound impact on your career and life.

·         Your behavior will be very good.

·         Due to the presence of Ketu in the fifth house, the lover may also be dissatisfied with the lover.

·         Newly married couples need to reconcile relationships.

·         Don't get emotional  to get married.

·         Do not debate unnecessarily with your spouse.

·         In November-December, there may be a quarrel with the lover. If you want to get married, then you must have family consent in it.

Student Life:

·         Students preparing for competitive exams should avoid wasting their time.

·         This is a favourable year for students.

·         You can showcase your talent to the best. 2021 will prove to be very important for students.

·         Artificial intelligence and high-tech careers can be a great success. Along with this, careers related to counseling will also prove to be good results. If you are associated with art field then you may get a big chance in the middle of the year.

REMEDY: Donate gram dal in the temple on the first Thursday of the ShuklaPaksha of each month.