·         Problems will arise due to disturbed state of mind. Live in an environment of positive thoughts.

·         This year, Rahu will be influenced by your zodiac sign. Due to which seasonal diseases can come.

·         At the beginning of the year, hemorrhoids patients may have to undergo surgery.

·         Take special care of cleanliness.

·         Be cautious in the months of June and December.

·         Bile disorders can take birth,in March-April you have to be very careful.

Financial Condition:

·         You will get the best from capital investment this year.

·         If you want to invest in a new business, then you have to pay some attention.

·         Do not earn money through wrong routes.

·         You should practice yoga regularly.

·         You should be cautious till 22 February.

·         There are strong chances of gaining money in the matters related to the purchase and sale of property.

·         You can make an idea to buy a new house.

·         Stay away from risky investments.

·         There may be losses in speculation and stock market.

Family and Social Life:

·         Rahu will be on your second house throughout the year.

·         Due to this, family members may face problems like debates and arguments.

·         Some negative information can also be found around June.

·         By the way, your social status will be very good.

·         Be courteous in your behavior.

·         Relations with brothers and sisters will be good.

·         Parents will support everything you say.

·         Chances of marriage of a member in the family are being made.


Love Life:

·         Take care of your spouse's health.

·         Do not disrespect their feelings.

·         Extramarital relationships may increase.

·         Young lovers can get tied up in marriage.

·         There may be some lack of mutual trust in married life at the beginning of the year.

·         At the end of the year, you can organize a tour somewhere. After April, we will also formulate the idea of family planning. There will be some deficiencies in the relationship between October and November.

·         Take care that there is no aggression from your side.


·         Finance can get great success this year.

·         You will get good results in interview and competitive exam.

·         Students studying in small class will have to concentrate in studies.

·         One can get admission in higher educational institutions.

·         Good chances of overseas visit.

·         Students have to work hard to achieve the goal.

·         The professionals of Ayurveda and Homeopathy will get great success.

·         Manufacturing projects will gain momentum.

REMEDY: On Tuesday, offer Lord Ram to Lord Hanuman and recite Lord Hanuman Chalisa daily.