·         You may have problems with intestines due to transit in Jupiter's 12th house.

·         Your health may deteriorate due to the retrogression of Jupiter & Saturn.

·         Take caution while driving.

·         Patients with arthritis and constipation have to take special care of their health.

·         January and June are unfaourable months for health.

·         Take caution as there will be there will be a risk of chronic diseases returning in the middle of the year.


Financial Condition:

·         Hard work will yield good results.

·         Be cautious if you are dealing with any property etc.

·         Possibility of suffering from a loss due to wrong decisions.

·         Careful planning before venturing into a new arena & Do not start major projects before April

·         Good financial period is indicated between April and June.

·         Purchase of property is indicated  in the month of August-September but take caution from march – October.

Family and Social Life:

·         A household member can go abroad.

·         Before you advise someone, follow it yourself.

·         People can question your style of work.

·         Land purchase is indicated but do discuss in your family.

Love Life:

·         Don't let bitterness come in married life& spend ample of time with your partner.

·         You may fall in love with a colleague in the office.

·         Forgive minor mistakes of spouse.

·         Control the feeling of lust in your daily pleasure.

·         Do not take any special decision regarding love affair between July-September.

Student Life:

·         This year can add new achievements on your part.

·         New friends and relations will be formed.

·         You can get great opportunities to prove yourself.

·         After the second week of April, there is a possibility that job search of unemployed students may be completed.

·         Your respect in the job will increase but be careful especially in the month of May-June.

·         Contingency money may benefit at the end of the year.

·         Education in journalism and IT sector will provide excellent benefits and career options.


Worship Lord Hanuman daily & every Saturday, light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree.